Our product development is an iterative process where there is regular collaboration between the developers, designers, testers & customers to build a great product & user experience. Using a well defined product roadmap & a clear development plan, short sprints are used to build out the different modules that together create the product.

What happens in our product development sprints?

Sprint Plan

Before starting the week/two-week activity, there is a joint meeting between the product owner & the development team to be aligned on the goal & expectations of the development sprint.


Throughout the length of this short sprint, the developers work closely together to build out the modules & features for the product. Regular check-ins & reviews by the project managers & product owners ensure there are no surprises later.


Following a proper plan, the developers & product owners review tasks to ensure they meet the acceptance criteria.

User Testing & Review

The team gets together at the end of the sprint to demo the updates & let the product owner give feedback.